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And we all love shiny hair.


 An absolute addition to your arsenal of hair care products and it’s for for everyone.  Mythic oil line has won many beauty reviews but this new addition is seriously fun and those shimmers add a nuance golden shine to the hair and we all love and want shiny hair. This lightweight product does the job of conditioning without weight and it has great sent.  For those of you who have coarse hair you may need a little more conditioning. So, use the shampoo then apply a small about of your favorite heavier conditioner, rinse, and use the Soufflé conditioner – It’s worth the extra step!

I have been using it at the salon all week with great results. I have fine dry hair, but a lot of it so it’s perfect.    Be sure to dry the hair some before using conditioner (I use a dry face cloth to soak out some of the water condition hair and leave on three minutes ).  Also I preach using the right product in the right season for your hair type is a must especially living in areas with season changes find what works for your hair.  In general I also believe you need to have three favorites and switch up your routine when your favorite products seems to plateau.  This one  is my fall Addition ….

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’or Sparkling Shampoo and Sparkling Conditioner.

The L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’or Sparkling Shampoo and Sparkling Conditioner are new products in the Mythic Oil range. The clear shampoo and clear conditioner are infused with minute golden shimmer, and is silicone and paraben free.

Take a look and see what’s in it.



Summer Hair Afterlife.


As your tan fades and fall approaches, chances are your sun-streaked summer hair could use a little TLC. Follow these steps and you’ll make autumn the season of gorgeous hair days.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Summer hair damage isn’t going to just repair itself, treat parched manes with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Be sure to apply the conditioner where sun-damaged hair needs it most–from the mid-shaft to the tip. Hair isn’t as dry at the roots thanks to its natural oils, so condition there more sparingly.

Handle With Care
To baby your stressed tresses, apply a leave-in detangler. This will add an extra boost of conditioner and also gently smooth and separate strands, so you won’t have to tug at snags with a comb. That kind of rough handling can add further damage to your hair.  When your hair is wet, only use a wide-toothed comb to prepare it for styling.  Even when it’s dry, you want to use the minimum number of brushstrokes it takes to achieve or refresh your style.

Get Deep
If your hair still look lackluster after using rinse-out and leave-in conditioners, call in the SWAT team: a concentrated hair-conditioning treatment or mask. To get all the benefits from the nourishing ingredients, apply the conditioner section-by-section to your hair.   Start at the tips and work toward the roots. Then, leave it on for a few minutes while you buff your skin with your favorite body scrub. (Your skin can also use some extra care now!) The steam from the shower will help the product really penetrate the hair shaft.

Tweak Your Color
Sun exposure can leave your hair looking dull and brassy, especially if it’s color-processed. And the streaks that looked glowing against bronzed skin will wash out fall’s paler complexion. Maintain a flattering balance by adding rich tones to your hair. That means auburn, chestnut, chocolate and coffee if you’re a brunette; caramel, gold and toffee if you’re a blonde. An at-home or salon gloss will also restore shine to your hair so it gleams on even a cloudy fall day.

Cut Your Losses
Chlorine, sun, salt, ponytail elastics — all can lead to frayed and fried ends. Left alone, those split ends are going to continue to split. A half-inch trim will make a world a difference — leaving you with well-defined, healthy ends that will show off your hairstyle, whether it’s a modern bob, a pixie, straight and sleek or long, sexy waves.


Xo Carey


Hair Language

Unknown-8We have all witnessed the affect of body language in ourselves or in others.  Our posture, stance and facial expression are just another form we communicate to others how we feel.  I came across this amazing Ted video that discusses how these simple expressions and stances actually influence our bodies chemistry.

I relate this unscientifically to hair – We’ve all felt that excitement and how amazing we feel after a great cut. It doesn’t need to be complicated nor do you need to be a celebrity to get creative with your looks – There are no rules to follow! Get some simple ideas that go with your current style. Challenge  yourself and do them at home, and see how good it makes you feel.  I believe the affect is beyond psychological, but that our physiology is also influenced.  So, stand tall and own that new look. Whether it’s a simple ponytail or a new hair scarf, change feels great so stand tall & own that new look.

XO Carey

Here’s the video I was telling you about…




Wedding love with Vera Wang

Coral , blushes , and violet colors all walked the runway yesterday at the Vera Wang wedding show.  I was there doing hair for the models … what a great day, a great event, and amazing talent.  So fun to be there the flower inspired dresses that fit and move on women perfectly, there is nothing as beautiful as a Vera Wang dress.  Sneak preview.

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The weekend is here.  Whether your weekend is about food, conversation, friends, a glamorous night out or simple downtime.   Here are some looks that feel great for the still very wintry weekend.

Also some great brunch recommendations from this blog Guest of a Guest

You will love them all.

Stay warm, enjoy.

Xo Careyyard-flowers-059-pink-camelliamac-5



A snow day to hydrate.

images-39I get asked a lot what are the best conditioners out there. I always say, it depends on the season and your hair.  Like your skin, your hair routine should vary with the weather.  I recommend having three shampoos and conditioners you love.  Why? Because that product that you loved and was working great either plateaued or your environment changed effecting your hair and the way the product was working.  So changing your routine to the season and your hair needs will recharge a loved shampoo and conditioner.  I say three kinds do the trick. Don’t be scared to shake things up with good products.  You spend a lot of money on your hair. Treat it well. It does matter

Shampoo’s & Conditioners I love



Low lather shampoo’s and the less you shampoo the better.  Which leads me too…

Oribe Dry Texturizing spray, a way to gain a extra day in-between shampooing.

A deep conditioner for those of you with real hydrating needs.  This once a week or every other week is amazing.

At home remedy thats a must in everyones shower.  Coconut oil, you can use a conditioner and make sure rinse very well.  

My favorite is to shampoo the night before use coconut oil on mid-shaft to end tie up and rinse shampoo and condition normally the next morning.  Conconut oil on the skin is a everyday ritual especially in the winter.