Why The Blog

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Finding Everyday Beauty was created with my valued clients in mind. But it’s for everyone!

salon is a gathering of people under the same roof, partly for fun and to refine taste,  increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation either to please or to educate.  Finding Everyday Beauty is an extension of that.  An online salon, with an emphasis on finding real everyday beauty in all of us while having fun doing it! Monday posts will be style inspirations. Wednesdays are all about promotions!!! So don’t miss my Wednesday posts…they will be for you!  And Friday posts will be for the fun of it.

I will show you styles, hoping to inspire you to try on your own, or with me at the salon. I will answer questions, update you on trends,  new services, promotions, schedule changes and much more.

In the mean time check out the new addition to my color arsenal, organic color and let me know if you want to give it a try.  Great lengths, another fabulous product that makes changing your look a lot of fun is coming soon, too. So, please feel free and get in touch with any questions, comments or ideas about the blog.



2 thoughts on “Why The Blog

  1. Hi Carey..what a fabulous idea here to help us women in life long quest to find the right cut, color and product!! I have been thinking of doing a pixie for so long. I see my stylist this week, so I am excited and nervous. Had long hair for a long time. I just want something that’s sheek!!! I also wanted to see if you would check out a product for me that I just started promoting? I would love your professional feedback:) I look forward to hearing back from you:)


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