About Carey


A Washington native, Carey has been in the hair industry for over 16 years and is one of the most respected and innovative stylist/colorist in the metropolitan area. She completed her advanced training at Aveda, Aveda London and Vidal Sassoon, and has worked at Aveda and Erwin Gomez Salon, some of the most prestigious hair salons in our nation’s capital, before becoming an independent stylist.

Specializing in permanent and semi permanent color, color correction, and balayage as a technique to create subtle and natural looking high lights, Carey stays current with the latest innovations and techniques. She draws creative inspiration from current, and classic styles and trends to create individualized and unique looks that fit her clients’ life style. From sun-kissed to platinum beauties or copper to fiery redheads to soft and subtle highlights, Carey is passionate about color, and the health of her clients. Providing her clients with the most progressive, safe and highest quality made color products on the market, she uses Phyto Botanicals, and to ensure unmatched results with the benefits of living clean Carey is the only artist in the DC metropolitan area to offer Organic Color System, the only hair coloring system on the market that is 100% organic.

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