And we all love shiny hair.


 An absolute addition to your arsenal of hair care products and it’s for for everyone.  Mythic oil line has won many beauty reviews but this new addition is seriously fun and those shimmers add a nuance golden shine to the hair and we all love and want shiny hair. This lightweight product does the job of conditioning without weight and it has great sent.  For those of you who have coarse hair you may need a little more conditioning. So, use the shampoo then apply a small about of your favorite heavier conditioner, rinse, and use the Soufflé conditioner – It’s worth the extra step!

I have been using it at the salon all week with great results. I have fine dry hair, but a lot of it so it’s perfect.    Be sure to dry the hair some before using conditioner (I use a dry face cloth to soak out some of the water condition hair and leave on three minutes ).  Also I preach using the right product in the right season for your hair type is a must especially living in areas with season changes find what works for your hair.  In general I also believe you need to have three favorites and switch up your routine when your favorite products seems to plateau.  This one  is my fall Addition ….

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’or Sparkling Shampoo and Sparkling Conditioner.

The L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Souffle D’or Sparkling Shampoo and Sparkling Conditioner are new products in the Mythic Oil range. The clear shampoo and clear conditioner are infused with minute golden shimmer, and is silicone and paraben free.

Take a look and see what’s in it.


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